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The leaders of the sector are already quite active in Industry 4.0, designing their strategy and accelerating the digital transformation of their factories.

Airbus 2025 Factory of the Future For instance, Airbus already developed a roadmap for its 2025 "Factory of the Future" ( see a detailed video on "Usine Nouvelle") and is now actively working on it (e.g., with mobile tablets and wearables for its workers on the shopfloor or by testing geo-localisation of the airplane parts in the production halls based on active RFID traceability).

Boeing is also very active in digital manufacturing. It uses predictive analytics extensively sharing data with Rolls-Royce engines to improve the predictive maintenance of its airplanes. It also uses additive manufacturing to fabricate specific tools for its robots in production or to print more than 100 pieces of its aircrafts with 3D-printers.

On the other hand, in operational excellence, even if the sector is accelerating the deployment of standard ways of working, the lean culture is still far from what we can observe in other sectors such as Automotive.

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